What to Read from Kurt Vonnegut

Have you read a book or a story written by Kurt Vonnegut? If you have not read anything that was written by Vonnegut then you’re missing out on a great deal. Vonnegut is one of the greatest American writers of all time. He is arguably the best American humorist since Mark Twain and that says […]

Underrated Books You Should Read

If you pick what you read from the titles on the bestseller list, then you might miss on some good reads. While reading the books that are currently popular is a safe way of picking what you are going to read, it also closes your door on other possibilities. There are some books that do […]

The Most Controversial Books

Some books are just destined to stir controversy. In the past, a book could become controversial because of its content and message. Lately, books become controversial because they were intended to be that way. Controversy sells. When a book becomes controversial, more people want to read it. So a book that others want to ban […]

Books Pretentious People Read

It’s very important to be well-educated these days. But if you can’t be well-educated, you can settle for the next best thing which is to appear well-educated. Part of that calls for acting that you know more than what you do. In social circles it can come in handy if you can quote from some […]

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