How to Get That Dream Job of Yours

What’s your dream job?

Everyone has that job that they have always wanted to get. The difference is that there are select people who get their dream jobs while the majority are stuck with other work. While the jobs that most people have are not really bad they would really like to do something else. Most people would prefer to have some other kind of work.

Are you in that kind of situation? If you are then you should do something about it. Don’t just let your dream job go past because of some obstacle that might not even be true. Start doing something now in order to get the work that you have always wanted. Why settle for something when you really long to do something else.

This might sound like one of those things that are easier said than done, but that shouldn’t stop you. You should at least give it a try. To increase the chances of your success,
here are some ideas that you might want to keep in mind.

These tips will not guarantee that you can land your dream job, there are no guidelines that can assure that, but it can increase your chances for sure.

Work on Your Resume

There is an ongoing debate now as to the value of the resume. Some people say that it is very important role in the application process. On the other hand, there are those who say that a person who is applying for a job should focus on other things instead of wasting time in crafting the resume.

While it is true that a well-crafted resume will not get you hired on its own strength, it is necessary in the first step of the application. When you apply for a job the most crucial part is to get to the initial interview. You would not get there if you have a lousy, poorly written resume. The person screening the applicants will not give it a second thought to reject your application.

The people screening your application will scan your resume for only a few seconds. During that short period you have to catch their attention and make them interested in what you have to offer. You can only do that when you have a really good resume that has all the essential information about you and not filled with nonessential details.

Your potential employers are concerned only in one thing; they want to know if you will be a good fit for the job.

Use a Cover Letter

Not everyone uses a cover letter, but it can be a big help if you use it in the right way. You should write a one page cover letter that is specific for your job. It should encourage the person reading it to check your resume.

Create a Great Looking Portfolio

If your dream job involves the creative arts then you need to have a portfolio when you go and apply for a job. A portfolio is a collection of your best works. Those samples can be things that you did in your previous work or just samples that you made especially for the portfolio.

Place your best pieces at the beginning of the portfolio so the person looking at it would be impressed right away. Only put the pieces in the portfolio that you are really proud of. Don’t include anything that you are not happy with.

Show your passion when you talk about your samples. As you explain to them what skills you have point out to the examples on the portfolio that would highlight that. If you worked with a team in creating something that’s on the portfolio, be sure to mention that.

Do Some Research

When you want to apply for a dream job in a certain company, chances are that you already know a great deal about the business, but you shouldn’t stop there. You should do some additional research about the company and find out more about it. You should be able to impress the interviewer with how much you know about them. That would show that you can be a passionate employee and a valuable team member.

Find out as much as you can about the job that you are applying for. That is another way that you can impress the interviewer.

The Interview

When you get to the initial interview that means you did something right. The people in charge of recruitment feel that you have some potential, but that does not mean you can rest and take things easy. The competition just got tougher because there are other applicants who are just as impressive as you are who will go through the interview.

There are many things that you need to keep in mind when going for an interview. First of all, you have to dress appropriately and smartly. It is better to be overdressed than otherwise. You have to ensure that you will arrive with plenty of time before the schedule.

Turn off your phone before the interview starts. Greet the interviewer with a firm handshake. When you answer questions maintain eye contact. Answer the questions in a brief and direct manner that would demonstrate that you have a clear understanding of the job.

Make sure that you know what’s on your resume. It is a common trick for interviewers to ask questions based on what you wrote there. They are mainly checking for the consistency of your answer. It would be embarrassing, not to mention suspicious if your answer is different from what you wrote down.

Do Some Follow Up

If a company fails to get in touch with after the period that they have said they will, then do a follow up. That would show that you really want to get the job. If you are not the one hired by the company then you should at least learn from the experience. Ask for some feedback and maybe you can use that the next time that you apply for a job.

There are few people who can say that the job that they are doing is something that they really love. Do not pass up on the chance if something presents itself to you.

When there are no opportunities yet for you to get your dream job then you should practice and hone your skills. That would help to improve your skills so when the chance for you to apply for your dream job comes along, you should really be ready for it.

If possible, you should even study to make your skills even more relevant. You can go to school for example so you can be more competitive. You should not stop at just dreaming about the day when you will get hired. You should do more than just dream.

Before you go and apply for what you consider to be your dream job, make sure that it really is something that you want. Can it really give you the fulfillment that you have always longed for? If you are not so sure about that then you might want to think about that first. Your dream job might not make you happy after all if that is the case.

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