Should the Seat Belt Law Really be Placed on Everyone or just Minors

Without laws, our society would literally fall and crumble. There are a lot of different laws that have a legitimate right to be executed. However, there are some laws that I do not see the point in. One of these laws is the seat belt law in the United States. Should everyone really be subjected to a law that has to do with their own safety?

What is the purpose of the Seat Belt Law

the original purpose of the seat belt law was to help protect children and teenagers from harm. However, in todayís law, it is stated that everyone must wear a seat belt upon entering a vehicle regardless of page or position within the car. Iím not saying that this law is bad in its entirety. However, I feel that only part of this law should actually be in the law.

Should Everyone have to Wear a Seat Belt

Like I said in the previous section, there are parts of the seat belt law that I agree with, but there are other parts that I do not. Seat belts were placed within vehicles to keep people safe, but by putting a law on this safety, the government is taking away your personal choice. Itís not like drunk driving laws that are in place to keep not only yourself but others safe as well.

However, this is not the cast with the seat belt law. Not wearing a seat belt only compromises your own personal safety if you are ever in a car crash. I do not feel that it is right for the government to say that everyone has to wear one, but I do agree with making minors wear seatbelts. Once you are of age however, you deserve the right to choose whether or not you want to really wear one or not.

Are Seat Belts always your Best Choice in Safety while within a Motor Vehicle

Although seat belts are put into an automobile to help keep the driver and their passengers safe, they can be the cause of more serious injuries if you are ever in a car wreck. This is just one other reason that I feel being made to wear a seat belt as an adult is not a fair law..

To give you an example of where wearing a seat belt is bad, I am going to tell you a small anecdote about my mother. When I was younger, I remember being at home and having my babysitter get a call from the hospital stating that my mother had been in a car accident. Up until that point, I had been lead to believe that you should always wear a seat belt.

Even though my mother lived through the wreck, that particular day and wreck changed my thinking on seat belts for life. At the time, I was to young to fully understand, but as I got older, I noticed that my mom no longer wanted to wear seat belts. When I asked her why not, she told me that if the lady that hit her that day had been going just five miles faster, the seat belt would have snapped her neck instantly. This is the best reasoning I have for why I feel that it should be a personís right to choose whether they want to wear a seat belt or not once they are of legal age.

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