Society’s Dependence on Technology in this Day and Age

In the past, everyone loved doing things by hand. They felt accomplished by doing this, and it was glorious. However in today’s society, everyone tends to depend on different forms of technology to survive. Most people today, especially the younger generation, would not know what to do with themselves if their technology ever failed. Think about it, would it drive you crazy if suddenly your phone or internet just stopped working? For the majority of society, it really would. In this article, I am going to discuss what we are addicted to and how to keep the technology from ruling your life.

What are some of the Technological Devices that Rule our Lives

Cell phones are one of the biggest technological devices that has begun to rule people’s lives. In the past, when cell phones first came out, cell phones were bought and used in only emergencies, but today, they are used for everything. You can’t walk down any street in a city today where you don’t see someone on a cell phone or at least have one on a holster ready to answer it quickly.

Another technological device that rules a lot of younger people’s lives are their computers. In the past, younger kids and teenagers were eager to go outside and play or hand out with their friends. However in today’s time, a lot of kids are becoming addicted to the internet in one way or another. Games, chatting, shopping Ö there isn’t anything that you can’t do on the internet now a days. Don’t get me wrong, these technologies are good, but they are slowly starting to rule over our lives.

What are some things We Can Do to Get Rid of our Dependency on Technological Devices

There are a lot of things that we can do to get rid of our dependency on technological devices. However, this does not mean that you have to give up the pleasures and conveniences of these devices. It merely means that you should take time away from them. Get up and go outside with your kids and play. If they see you constantly on the computer or on the phone, they are more likely to want to do the same when they grow up or even as they are young, and that is not healthy.

Is there Anything that Can be Done to Right this Wrong in our Society

Technology is a great thing, and it is important to our future as a society to keep having advancements in this area. However, I feel that if we try and use our technology a little less in the areas that we can, our overall society will be far better off than it is now. We should get back in touch with our ancestors and remember how to do things on our own where we can and put a little back work into things. That is why our ancestors lived so much longer than we do. They worked for everything they had, and I think if we actually decrease our dependency on technology, we will be better off over all.

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