Some of the More Popular Kid Television Shows on the Air

Television has been a form of popular entertainment since it first came out, especially for kids. I can remember when I was little waking up early on Saturday morning to run downstairs and watch all of my favorite cartoons before my parents even thought about getting out bed. Times have no changed all that much. I often wake up to my own children now watching Saturday morning cartoons, but the shows that they watch have changed drastically from the ones that I use to watch when I was a child.

Sponge Bob Square Pants

Sponge Bob Square Pants is one of the more popular television shows on for kids. Just about every kid in the United States has fell in love with the yellow sponge and his undersea friends. It has some really funny episodes, and you just got to laugh at the character Squidward and how he is always trying to think of some way to get rid of Sponge Bob. However, the funny part about that situation is that most of the time when he succeeds, he finds that he actually misses Sponge Bob even if he doesn’t outwardly admit it to anyone.

Power Rangers

This is actually a television show that has been airing since I was a child. There are a lot of different series that kids watch today. There is Power Rangers in Space, Turbo Power Rangers, and many other ones. I feel that these series are great shows for any child to watch, because they often show young people doing good in the world. It shows teenagers actually making a difference, and they have become awesome role models for children as they grow up.

Educational Television Shows

When I was a child, the best educational television show was Sesame Street. However the television networks have taken learning to a whole new level in today’s day and age. There are a lot of different educational television shows that are beneficial for your children to watch. Dora the Explorer and Diego are two of the more popular learning kid shows on television networks today. They often interact with each other, but with the Hispanic population on the rise in the United States, these two shows in particular are extremely beneficial for all children.

They not only teach numbers, shapes, and patterns, but they also do so while teaching children Spanish and English at the same time. Umizoomi and Wonder Pets are another pair of really beneficial children shows that are aired on television. They are focused more on learning math and helping others which are two great things that all children need to learn about at an early age.

There are a lot of other television shows that children watch today that do the same thing, but I would have to write a book in order to name them all. I do recommend that regardless what your children are watching, you should always make sure that they are watching things that teach and benefit them in some way whether it is with school subjects like math or moral life choices.

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