Squaresoft and How they Defined the Next Geneartion of Role Play Games in the Gaming Industry

A lot of people do not realize the amount of money, time, and effort that goes into creating a video game. Most of the video game producers in the world donít actually make it that far in the business, because of the fact that things are too subjective. Squaresoft is one of the game producing companies that has pulled quite a few miracles out of their hats to survive over the years.

What Made Squaresoft the Defining Company for the Next Generation of Role Playing Games

Have you ever heard of the game, Final Fantasy? Most people, even if they do not play the games have heard of this particular game and its following games. It was Squaresoftís genius in making this game that defined a new path for role playing games in the future. Without Final Fantasy, the gaming industry would not be what it is today in the slightest. Before Squaresoft came out with Final Fantasy, there were a few role playing games, but they were lacking in a lot of the areas that we have come to expect in an RPG in todayís gaming community.

Squaresoft was the first company to give their games a full and interesting storyline that you could follow through to the bitter end. The story line wasnít just better it was more exciting, and it showed more ambition within the characters than any other gaming producer had dared to put into a single game. This is what defined their company. The depth of what they put into and added to their stories.

Squaresoft and their 1st Bankruptcy Scare

Before Final Fantasy, Squaresoft had a lot of different games that just did not do well in the industry. The way that Final Fantasy got its name was that it was literally going to be Squaresoftís last and final game release before declaring bankruptcy, and they actually werenít expecting it to take off the way that it did.

However to their surprise, Final Fantasy had become a much bigger hit than even they had thought possible. It was successful enough that they were no longer on the verge of bankruptcy, and it allowed them to pave the future for even more games including the rest of the Final Fantasy games that followed the original.

Squaresoft and their Risk Taking could have Forced Them into Bankruptcy Territory Again

Squaresoft went on for years after the first Final Fantasy creating more successful Final Fantasy games. All of them were extremely successful, but Squaresoft shocked the gaming community at their risk taking. After Final Fantasy 6 was a hit, Squaresoft decided to go all in on their creation of Final Fantasy 7. They used every high tech technology that was out on the market sinking all of their profits from the previous 6 games all into the creation of Final Fantasy 7.

If Final Fantasy had failed in any way, Squaresoft would have had to declare bankruptcy and their time in the gaming industry would be finished forever. However once again, Final Fantasy saved Squaresoft once again. Final Fantasy 7 was a big hit, and it put Squaresoft back into the green and away from bankruptcy. You have to admire Squaresoft. When they put their minds to it, they donít spare any expense to bring their customers quality games.

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