The Mississippi River and It’s Contribution to the Diffusion of the Native American Indians

Demographics of the Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is the largest river in the United States, and it was essential to the way of life of many of the Mississippian Native American Indian Tribes. It comes to around 3,710 miles in length, and itís average speed is around 1.2 miles per hour. The Mississippi River was a very large part of the reason a lot of Native Americans migrated and settled within the valley of the Mississippi River.

What made the Mississippi River so important to the diffusion of the Native American Indians?

The Mississippi River was a large source of many different life elements for the Great Plains Native Americans. It offered them food, irrigation, and even easier transportation between the different tribes. For instance, the Mississippi River was a bountiful place to help supply food for all the seasons. It is home to over 260 species of fish, and it was the main water supply of many other types of animals like the Bison, Elk, and Deer.

The Mississippi River was an Important Source of Food to the Native American Indians

Buffalo was a large part of the Native American Indians food source near the Mississippi river. It was not only used for food, but they used ever part of the buffalo for different reasons. The bones were used to make tools for hunting and farming, and the buffalo skins were used to make clothes, blankets, and coverings for the outside of their homes.

How the Native American Indians used the Mississippi River for both Irrigation and Agriculture

Irrigation and Agriculture was a large part of the Native American Indiansí lives that lived around the Mississippi River. The Native Americans planted many crops, but the top three were beans, squash, and corn. Corn was one of the most important parts of the Native Americanís diet, because it was able to be stored in underground pits during the winter, and so it could be a main part of their diet year around even when it was not in season. They would also use all parts of the corn for different things. For instance, they would use the hulk in parts of their art crafts, and they would use the cob as fuel for their fires.

How the Native American Indians used the Mississippi River for Transportation

The Native American Indians often referred to the Mississippi river as ďthe center of the universeĒ, because they used it for hunting, fishing, and transportation. The Native Americans used canoes to that they carved out of logs in order to fish and move along the Mississippi River.

The Overview of the Mississippi River and the Native American Indians

It is extremely important to remember that no civilization can live without food, water, and social interaction. The Mississippi River was the best source of all three of these things for the Native American Indians, and that is why a lot of the different tribes decided to actually settle down close to on its banks.

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