The Television Series Being Human Produced in Great Britain

Throughout the years, there have been a lot of different television shows, movies, and literature written and performed about vampires and werewolves. In most of these examples, vampires and werewolves are considered to be mortal enemies. They do not tolerate each other, and they are often in a war to kill the other regardless of the fact that they are both considered to be monsters.

Likes About the Television Series Being Human Produced in Great Britain

One of the most important aspects of this particular series that I have found myself enjoying is the fact that even though the majority of werewolves and vampires in the show loathe and despise each other, the main story is about a vampire, werewolf, and ghost that all live together under one roof as great friends.

The writers of the series wrote the parts of these characters extremely well by adding in drama and horror all in one. They give great depth into each characters story, and they do a wonderful job about intertwining them all together for a fantastic and fresh outlook on these specific supernatural monsters.

Dislikes About the Television Series Being Human Produced in Great Britain

Although there are a lot of things that I like about the series, there are a few things that I didn’t like as the series moved on into the later seasons. I really did not like the way that for the first three seasons, you get used to the same main characters and in the final season, they are all replaced with different characters. It was not really a bad ending to the series, but I really did not like the way that they left it so open ended.

Basically the entire ending went back to being the exact same thing that they original three main characters were going through. It made the first three seasons seem a little bit pointless because of the way it ended. It just did not quite make a lot of sense to do a complete 360 degree circle from season 1 to season 4.

Overall Overview on the Television Series Being Human Produced in Great Britain

This is a wonderful and entertaining show over all, and it in my opinion far outweighs the version that is being made and still airing in the United States now. In all honesty, it is rather hard to compare the two story lines, because in the United States version of Being Human, the story line is so different than the one that was produced and made in Great Britain. It is imperative that if you ever watch the two different versions of this particular series, you keep in mind that all though they are similar in the beginning, they are completely different as the series goes forward.

In order to enjoy both of these great series, you will need to keep that in mind. It is a lot like when you read a book and the watch a movie. A lot of the time you cannot compare the two, because if you do, they will not be nearly as good and you may dismiss a really good movie under a bias notion.

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