The Underlying Theme and how it Relates to the Characters in Cowboy Bebop

Anime has always been considered to be a very unique type of media entertainment. One thing that is great about anime is a lot of their story lines have underlying themes that teach a message or just add to the depth of the overall story. The underlying them or one of them in the anime Cowboy Bebop is dealing with the past. In this article, I am going to describe how there of the main characters dealt with their pasts added depth to the underlying theme.

How did Spike Deal with His Past in Cowboy Bebop

Spike was a rather difficult character with a troubled past. When he was younger, he was a part of an organization called the syndicate located on mars. While there, he fell in love with Julie, his best friend’s girlfriend. After a while, Spike could not take this any longer, and he faked his own death to escape the pain of not being able to be with Julie. However because of his flaw, not being able to let go of the past, he never did actually escape from this.

After he left, Spike could never forget about his love for Julie, and he kept constantly looking for her. Finding out that she was dead, Spike went back to the Syndicate to kill Vicious, his best friend, our of revenge for Julie’s death. This ultimately ended in not just Vicious’s death but Spike’s death, as well. Unlike the next two characters, Spike was never actually able to deal with or let his past go, and that was his downfall in the end.

Faye and How she Succeeded in Dealing with her Past

Faye looked to be around college age, and her story was a little bit unique. When she was younger, she was actually accidently froze into a cryogenic sleep and left there for seventy years. Dealing with this would have been hard for anyone, but one thing that made it even harder for Faye was the fact that when she was thawed, she couldn’t remember anything about herself. Her name, her history, what had happened to her, all of these things were completely wiped from her memory.

The part, in my opinion, that makes her successful with dealing with her past, is the fact that she actually accepted and moved on from what had happened to her. She refused to let her want and desire to know what had happened to her in her past stop her from living her new life in the present. This is how she succeeded in dealing with her past. She merely accepted and moved on.

Jet and His Investigated Tactics to deal and Find out things from His Past

Jet’s character story was a really interesting one to me. In the past, he had been a police officer, and during the job, he actually lost his arm in the line of duty. In my opinion, that would be a hard thing to move on from and accept, but Jet was different. It wasn’t really his arm that underlined his search in his past. It was wanting to have the knowledge of who was responsible for it. After a lot of investigation, Jet actually finds out that it had been his partner who had been responsible for his arm. Once finding him and actually confronting him, Jet was able to let the past go and move on despite what the man had done to his arm. This proved that he was able to accept the past and move on to continue living his new life.

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